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At the eastern bound of the Riviera dei Fiori a group of houses, clinged to a mount and collected round the church, reflect on the sea a partial view of the Middle Ages absolutely unchanged Cervo is a village hovered between past and present, so it is difficult to express its extraordinariness only speaking about it. Every single tourist has been charmed by the richness of this suggestive spot, every artist has been completely bewitched. The contrast of light and shade is offered by narrow lanes or ancient steps that lead to the top of the village.
That particularity has given to the Cervo a curious name: the painters' heaven. But if the village is so precious, it is better no to forget how many other treasures it preserves in the dark of its "carrugi" (tipical alleys of the Riviera dei Fiori). The Clavesana castle, built in the XII th century, seat of the western Ethnographical Museum, Santa Caterina's Oratory, built in XIIIth century and then altered still conserves its original portal, the faboulous Corallini church, built in a dominant position which is the best baroque monument of the western Liguria. And that isn't enough, in the summer nights, Cervo turns into the faboulous stage of the International Festival of Chamber- music and it entertains the greatest artist in the world on the church square.

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