The country farm has a 210.000 mq surface and stands behind the Cinque Terre National Park, in the middle of the Poets Gulf. Natural territory is here unpolluted; dry-wall terraced olive-yards and vine-yards surround the farm, as well as woods where many wild animals firmly live.

The farm produces DOP extra virgin oil, honey and wine.

The rooms and the flats have been realized inside two stone houses, dating back to the eighteenth century. They underwent an accurate reconstruction that respected and emphasized their original characteristics.

The flats have a wonderful sight on the Poets' Gulf and have independent entrance, local stone fire-place, cooking- place and wide external patios and gardens; they have all been furnished with antique pieces, all flats have independent heating, complete kitchen, bathroom equipment.

A stone shed equipped with wood-oven and barbecue stands for the common use of the guests. All guests can enjoy the stillness of the surroundings, take walks in the olive-yards and the woods of the farm, looking for wild fruits, mushrooms and discovering the most evocative places the territory offers them.