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Pignone is located in the Bassa Val di Vara on the boundary with the Cinque Terre National Park which is only a few kilometres away. From Pignone it is possible to reach Monterosso al Mare and Levanto in about twenty minutes by car. Characteristic of the area of this municipality are the numerous villages (Cappellata, Catornola, Faggiona, Monti, Casale and Villa) which together make up the valleys of Pignone and Casale. The town is approached by a sixteenth century bridge called the ponte vecchio decorated in the centre by a niche containing a statue of the Virgin. Next to the bridge is the main gate, the only of three medieval entrances surviving to our day.
Amongst the chief remarkable monuments to see is the Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta. Above the town, one is able to see the sixteenth century bridge of the aqueduct and the nearby Calzetta mill which is used by the Montemarcelloľ Magra Regional Park. as a mountain refuge for excursions.

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