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Castelnuovo Magra is an ancient village situated in a dominant and panoramic position on Monte Bastione. As soon as one arrives in the village, the first thing one notes is the imposing facade in Renaissance style of the Oratorio dei Bianchi (1500). Then, climbing for a few metres, one arrives at the Church dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene. Inside the church, in late Renaissance style, there are works of art of great value, including sculptures in marble created by marble artisans from Carrara and ancient bas-reliefs.
In the old area of Castelnuovo Magra, in the piazza of the Town Hall, there are the remains of the castle belonging to the count-bishops of Luni. Today one can still see many traces of the walls, segments of the masonry of the castle and the rectangular tower, 80 m high, known as the Turris Magna. Of particular importance are the Maest, bas-reliefs in white marble; they have holy images and decorate the houses throughout the territory of the municipality. Also worthy of note are the palazzo Ingolotti Cornelio, the palazzo Tonarelli and the palazzo Ferrari-Natolini.

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