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Bonassola, green arch open between the evocative cliffs of "Punta del Carlino" and the rocky promontory of "Madonnina della Punta", gulf outlined by a marvellous sea of blue transparency where the sighing brezzes are sweet-scented by only Ligurian flowers and trees. Arisen before the century 1000, between its eldest monuments the Castle and the Tower of the Arduin dynasty (XVIth century) stand out as well as the native house of Matteo Vinzoni, a great cartopher of the XVIIth century). The singular salubrity of the air in Bonassola, examined by European men of science, is due to the resinous richness of the pines, to the ozonized atmosphere and to the very small particles of iodine coming from a very pure sea.
Its climate is recommended all the year long, to people suffering from heart and breathing organs troubles, or affected with digestive tract diseases, or nervous troubles. The hotels in Bonassola are agreeing with the most different requirement of the bathers because hospitality has become also a tourist profession as the result of a long experience placed at the disposal of the visitors of the whole world. Everywhere there is stillness, respect, silence and cordiality. For those who like the excursions, Bonassola offers resorts that are worthy of a visit because all characteristics of Ligurian villages are still intact. Walks are very easy because they are directly indicated by the paths. There are very numerous possibilities of excursions by sea: every creek has an idyllic beauty, with many little silent shores, stretching forward precious and uncontaminated depths having a singular subacqueous fascination. Many personalities of the international Culture reside in Bonassola because of its climate and its stillness.
It is in Bonassola, in Villa Boselli, that the American writer Fitzgerald translated in English for the first time in the story of literature Homer's works. The famous exclamation of the American writer Ernest Hemingway, recapitulates all the values of Bonassola: "Bonassola, so sweet, unforgettable, inexhaustible".

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