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Amidst the indented coastline of Liguria and the beaches of Tuscany, at the mouth of the river Magra, this is where you can find Bocca di Magra. In the past, a fishing village, it was then to become well known subsequent to the developments of the maritime and river traffic.
Bocca di Magra was already in existence in the times of Ancient Rome, from which it still preserves an important historical and artistic testimony: the remains of a marine Roman Villa found at the extreme end of the present day seaside resort.
The material discovered is preserved in La Spezia's Museo Civico (Town Museum). Interesting things to see, the Pilastro (pillar), a ruin situated inside a seaside bathing establishment; Bocca di Magra is now included in the routes of the Magra Valley and the Territory of Luni Cultural Park.

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