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Ameglia, sitting on a hilltop, this ancient medieval village has remained unchanged despite the passage of time. From this position on high, it oversees the final stretch of the Magra river and its surrounding lowlands. The Ameglia municipality encompasses a territory in the lower part of the Val di Magra valley, which is the part of La Spezia's province situated on the border with the region of Tuscany. The area boasts a wide variety of natural beauty, beginning with its river areas. Then there is the coast, characterised eastwardly by long sandy beaches, and contrasted to the west by steep rocky cliffs which peak out over the sea. Surrounded by the luxurious natural framework of the Caprione promontory, here one may find ancient medieval towns and enchanting tourist attractions up and down the coast.
The town of Fiumaretta is located right in front of Bocca di Magra, on the left shore of the Magra river. This attractive seaside resort is a flourishing holiday spot where both seascape and riverfront intermingle almost as one and the fine, firm sand of the inviting beach stretches out ahead. Fiumaretta's ideal visitor is surely the water-sports enthusiast, as its notable wind exposure makes it the premier location for sailors and windsurfers in particular.

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