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A time called the "Pearl of the from Liguria Appennino", Savignone has succeeded to maintain the beauties and particularitities that characterize it although passing of the time. The common one of the city is divided in four zones: Savignone center, Saint Bartolomeo, Vaccarezza and Isorelle. Its ancient origins are testified from the finding of archaeological rests since Neolithic to XII century and can be it admires to you in the Enografico Museum of Scrivia Valley and in the Archaeological Museum of Saint Bartolomeo.
Savignone was in order much time under the control of the Fieschi family that acquired it in XIII the century exercising a great political power. The biggest different with the other places is its favorite position. Savignone is the more visited then Scrivia Valley. To see: the Castle and the Palace of the Fieschi today receptive structure, the Church of Saint Bartolomeo di Valcadia, the Church of Saint Peter, Palace Crosa di Vergani.

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