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The first image that comes to mind when one thinks of the Cinque Terre is that of rugged mountain terrain, with its deteriorating dry stone walls, built to hold up vineyards. An impressive and unique landscape which has been included on the UNESCO's World Heritage List.
The landscape, which we admire, is the product of collective creativity that was able to overcome the difficulties posed by the environment in order to develop a unique and special form of agruculture. It is a landscape constructed by craftsmen, with skill and knowledge, to obtain a practical result for their survival and that of their descendents. It is the work of the local Cinque Terre people, that has spanned over a thousand of years.
Together, these people have worked toward one vision - to live, to produce and to be part of a community. The Cinque Terre were placed on the "World Monument Fund's 100 list of sites at risk" for its abandonment of cultivated terraces. The main objective of the study undertaken by the POLIS Department of Architecture Faculty of Genova University in collaboration with other agencies, is to protect the landscape and to encourage the conservation of the territory. Its focus has been the consolidation and maintenance of the dry stone walls and the terraces.

The Marine Protected Areas of the Cinque Terre - The crystal clear waters of the Cinque Terre was made a Marine Protected Area in 1997. The presence of animals and vegetation rich and varied. The seabed is made up from its unique rock formations which is home to a diverse range of colourful coral, yellow, red, bourdeaux, orange, red, and white - Funicella a very rare white coral as well as the rare black coral. The sea "posidonia" is found right along the coast. But there is another presence which makes the Cinque Terre sea so unique: whales. This is why this part of this part of the Ligurian Sea was made a Cetacean Sanctuary, an internationally recognised marine protected area.
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