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On the top of a hill, close to the crater-ring of the lake of Bolsena, Montefiascone looks down over the surrounding panorama; its historic centre is divided along the steep slopes of the hill and is crowned by the majestic dome of its Cathedral. This Renaissance Cathedral was built following a design attributed to Michele Sanmicheli. Immediately outside of Montefiascone, in the hamlet of Le Mosse, it is possible to admire the church of Santa Maria in Monte d'Oro, the work of Antonio da Sangallo the Younger.
An interesting example of Romanesque architecture is the church of San Flaviano, constructed in the XIIth century and consisting of two superimposed areas, oriented in opposite directions. The lower lying church, built in 1032 over a more ancient saccellum, is the work of Lombard master artisans who, in the decoration of the capitals of the columns which divide the three naves, seem to have been influenced by Etruscan Art. Inside S. Flaviano can be found the tombstone of the German Baron Giovanni Defuk, the "discoverer" of the excellent local wine, bearing the inscription "EST! EST! EST!!! Pr (opter) nim (ium) est est hic jo (annes) de Fuk do (minus) meus mortuus est".

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