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Blera is a popular lake-side resort, on the north-east banks of Lake Bolsena; besides tourism, its economy is based on agriculture and fishing. Below the hill, adjacent to the Church and Chapel of Miracles, lie the catacombs which date back to the II and III centuries AD, upto the V century. On the road to Orvieto, 4 km of town walls erected by the Etruscans delimit Poggio Moscini. The walls date back to the IV century BC and enclose the remains of various monuments.
La Rocca, the present Monaldeschi castle, erected by the Orvietani between the XII and XIV centuries, dominates the centre of Bolsena; during medieval times it provided the defensive forward position of the town centre towards inland. St Frances' temple, in the square of the same name, was built in the Gothic period. Worthy of note is the Crucifix of the Pastura School on the wall of entrance,

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