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Crossed by the river Liri, rises between the meeting point of the 3 valleys Liri, Roveto and Comino, developing in a plain. It's bounded by the region of Abruzzi to the north, by Pescosolido, Campoli, Appennino and Broccostella to the east, by Castelliri, Island of Liri and Arpino to the south. Today Sora is one the major centres of province of Frosinone, is in fact an industrial, farming and commercial city, but it's focusing concretely too, to the tourist area with some projects which could exploit the beauties of nature, but also the fair activity and the most important spots of creed.
HISTORY: The first to take over on Mount San Casto were Volsci people. Sora was the bone of contention of Romans and Samnites for a long time but in the end it was conquered by Rome and became its allied. With the appearance of Christianity, Sora was declared bishop's see and was adorned with a lot of churches. A self-governing shire in '970, it was taken over by the Normans in 1062.
Sacked by the Saracens during the X century and then by the Normans at the beginning of the XIII century, it was given to the church by Frederic II, who later in contrast with the Holy See, brought it back and sacked it. Sora was declared royal city by the king of Naples, Charles I D'Angi, during the XIV century and later it became feud of Tomaselli, of Cantelmi, of Della Rovere and of Boncompagni. In 1798 during the Napoleonic period came the French troupes and Sora was a scenery of struggles between Sanfedisti and Jacobins. It became one of the base of the resistance pro-bourbon, led by Fra' Diavolo, exponent of a movement which trough guerrilla welfare actions, fought against the French. With Italy's Union also this area as the major part of the centre-southern of Italy, knew the phenomenon of brigandage. The gangs of king Frederic II railed, because of the cruel Luigi Alonzi named Chiavone.
In 1915 a terrible earthquake pulled down the city, but the natural resource of the river, harnessed by the electric energy, helped the development of this land, that since the 20th century knew a considerable economic-industrial boom.

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