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Arpino is one city with leggendaries origins. Someone tell that it would have been founded from God Saturno or the Pelasgi, the first that inhabited it. Today the city's structure remembers the shape of one ics: on the four points there are the quarters Colle, Civita Falconara, Arc and Bridge that join to the center in the Minicipio Square, limited from the Boncompagni Palace and the National Convitto Tulliano. In the advanced part of the city, in the zone of Civitavecchia called also Acropoli is present one of the beautiful monuments of the period pre-Roman: the arc sixth acute.
Places to visit: the parochial Church of Saint Michele that keep the paintings of painter Giuseppe Cesari known like Cavalier d'Arpino, the museum of the Wool, Felluca Palace, the leftovers of the house of Guide and a lot other anchor. Arpino is also fairs, festivals, mercatini and festivities like "gonfalone". In the same day it comes made also one historical parade in custom.

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