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Zibello is capital town in the area of production of Culatello ham, and having reached these heights is a sure sign of the possession of an alimentary culture which has few equals in this Lombard-Emilian area. Its entirely unique fragrance, its bright ruby-red colour streaked with veins of purple, to be found in the moir effect of some ecclesiastical silks, its tenderness permitting it to dissolve on the palate, seeming fruit of the winter mists as well as the sultriness of the humidity of the summer, synthesised in a mysterious chunk of grey-green-blue mould: the fruit of the ancient skilfulness of the master pork butchers.
The extraordinary range of sensual sensations, both vigorous and strong, yet also delicate, which emanate from this Prince of charcuterie, even found praise in the verses of Gabriele D'Annunzio. Today, Culatello, produced exclusively by artisans, is protected by a registered brand controlled by rigorous requisites. Zibello, a pleasant and liveable town, is able to transmit to the visitor an extraordinary sensation of the sweetness of life; it lies on the bend of the Grande Fiume Po and offers those who love nature and animals evocative views and glimpses which will be difficult to forget. For those who are historical enthusiasts, the Riccardi Museum of Civilt Contadina (farming civilisation) gathers together precious testimonies of this culture.

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