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The area defined here as the Terre Verdiane (Verdian Lands) encompasses a territory which stretches from the right-hand bank of the river Po up to the chain of the Pre-Apennine mountains, between the border of the river Taro to the east and the province of Piacenza to the west (the so-called "Bassa Ovest Parmense" - "the Lower Western Parmense"). The territory geographically defined thus has the distinctive characteristic feature of having been the birthplace of the great Maestro Giuseppe Verdi. A proud and morose man of the Bassa, he had a love-hate relationship with his homeland which led to his constantly being present there, although this was a presence which was intentionally and disdainfully secluded: he had his villa built close-by, but solitary in the countryside, beyond the boundary with the Parmense area, its property arriving up to the nearby banks of the river Po.

At Terre Verdiane, there is tourist accommodation available in hotels, farm holiday, farmhouse, residence self-catering accommodation, b&b, rooms for rent, holiday homes, camp sites and tourist villages.

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