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Soragna is the "Lady of the Bassa area", and its historic centre is characterised by the imposing Rocca fortress of the Meli-Lupi princess. The lavish furnishings are today still lovingly looked after by the last descendent of the family. At Soragna, there is an important Jewish Museum, in testimony to a large Jewish community which existed there in the fourteen and fifteen hundreds but which is today no longer in existence. Soragna has extremely ancient origins; it is recorded as early as the year 712 in a manuscript by Liutprando. The Lupi family governed the feud as from 1198, uniting then, in 1530, with the noble Meli family from Cremona.
The Emperor of Austria Josef I, in 1709, finally transformed the marquisate into the principality of the Holy Roman Empire. The village of Diolo, on the road to Roccabianca and at the bridge over the river Po at Ragazzola, is one of the native localities connected with Giovannino Guareschi.

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