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A characteristic town in the Bassa Parmense area, Sissa's most precious symbol is its fortress, the Rocca dei Terzi, which serves as evidence to that medieval village of which there are records dating back to even as early as the year 1084. This edifice, notable for its grandeur presiding over the centre of the inhabited area, is comprised of two distinctly different parts: the tower and the two lateral sides built in the 1700's. On the inside of the castle, the frescoes catch one's eye in the counsel room, formerly used as a theatre.
Amongst the various country wards of the town, Torricella is undoubtedly worthy of note. This locality, quite near the Po, boasted a fortified castle on the Big River, as well as a Franciscan convent, and two churches. Unfortunately, due to frequent flooding to which this area was subject, particularly in the past, all of the aforementioned buildings were destroyed. The only remains now left are the apse and bell tower of one of the two churches, dating back to the XIIth century.
Even now, however, Torricella has a special bond with the Po river. Not by chance, then, was Torricella one of the first provincial centres to work to establish the presence of this important waterway as a tourist attraction.

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