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Of all the towns of the Lowlands, Polesine is without doubt the one which can boast the strongest ties with the river Po, starting from its very name (it is the only town in the whole of the Lowlands which has a name which refers directly to the presence of the Grande Fiume (Big River) and continuing with the coat of arms of the municipality, its history, economy and its traditions.
The name derives from the fact that the village, in ancient times, was situated on a Polesine, that is, a small island of the Po river which, dragged along by the current, expanded and was then connected with the bank of the river. Being so close to the river, the village suffered a number of floodings which destroyed it completely. Even recently, remains have been found in the river Po which clearly testify to the presence of this sunken village which has been completely corroded by the waters.
The river has always been and continues to be a valuable source of living for the town; a good number of families, in fact, live off the earnings supplied by fishing and the excavation and transport of gravel and sand.

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