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World Heritage Site UNESCO

Tramonti is located in the inland area of the Lattari Mountains and is surrounded by woodlands, pathways, hillsides and by numerous little churches. The municipality's territory includes thirteen villages set in the greenery of a lush valley (Polvica, Pietre, Cesarano, Capitignano, Figline, Corsano, Paterno-S. Arcangelo, Gete, Ponte, Campinola, Novella, Pucara, Paterno and S. Elia). The area's principal water course is the Reghinna Maior river which flows the length of the whole valley to finally reach the territory of Maiori and then the sea. Tramonti is rich in architectural treasures, amongst which the renowned Castle of Santa Maria La Nova. Things to see are the Rupestre Chapel at Gete noted for its singular position in a rocky hollow; and at Purcara the Conservatory of the Saints Giuseppe and Teresa, built in the 1700's. Typical products from Tramonti are the wine, paper, the artisan-worked wrought iron and the pizza.

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