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Archaeological Areas of Pompei, Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata
World Heritage Site UNESCO

To walk along the streets of Pompei is to go back in time, for its tragic destruction and miraculous unearthing represents a unique historical and human document. Pompei presents a picture, still intact, of a city whose life was unexpectedly interrupted, in 79 A.D, by one of the most catastrophic eruptions of Vesuvius. For centuries, there was no information to be found about Pompei, even its exact position was lost.
The first discoveries took place in 1628 during pipe works in the Sarno valley. The most extraordinary aspect of Pompei is represented by the variety of styles amongst the paintings covering the walls of the houses. Such paintings are almost always pieces copied from the masterworks of celebrated Grecian artists which, unfortunately, are now lost.

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