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Historic Centre of Naples
World Heritage Site UNESCO

The origins of the first urban nucleus of the present city of Naples goes back to the X century B.C., founded by a people from Rhodes, and given the name of Partenope. Between the VII and VI centuries B.C., the Cumaeans built Neapolis further to the east.
The new city, preserving Greek language and traditions even under Roman rule, became an important commercial and residential centre contended, at the fall of the Empire, by the Goths and Byzantines and, afterwards, by the Lombards.
Under Byzantine rule, Naples underwent a period of civil and cultural reconstruction.
From 1140 to 1266, under first Norman and then Swabian government, it became an important city of a kingdom centred at Palermo. It became capital in 1266, under the Angevin sovereigns and then under the Aragonese dynasty.

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