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Church of Santa Restituita: The original building dates from IV century, built on the remains of pagan and christian cemetaries. There are paintings by Ferdinando Mastroianni on its walls and those of Filippo Balbi behind the altar. In the annexed chapel a wooden statue dedicated to the Saint (XVI century) and marble slabs with Greek and latin 1 riptions can be foul. The Tower was built by Padre Siraone DeBernardis m 1589.
The Museum of Santa Restituita: The Museum was developed and opened by Don Pietro Monti. Many locally found objects are on display such as domestic utensils from antique greek houses, clay toys, statues and vases decorated edith fruit and flowers, wine jugs and perfume bottles from pagan tombs.
Museum and Villa Arbusto: Built by Carlo D'Acquaviva Duke of Atrl in 1785 an the site of Neolithic and Bronze settlements.
Aragonese Tower: Built in XV century by Alfonso I of Aragon as a watchtower.
Negombo thermal gardens: Eleven pools, both sea water and thermal, splendid rock gardens with more than 500 different mediterranean and exotic plant varieties. Negombo is a must to visit!