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Over the last thirty years Capo Vaticano has been growing as a tourist resort due to its particularly beautiful coastline. It is, indeed, the sea which is the greatest attraction for the growing numbers of those who, every year, choose this area to spend their holidays. In the crystal-clear waters shoals of ray's bream swim undisturbed, shoals of saddled bream and white bream wind their way along the rocky reef, while large mullet hide themselves on the sea-bed. The flora, which is made up of green "posidonie", is particularly well-developed. "Spirographi", "nudibranchi", "vermocani", "attinie" and "madreporo" all grow along the walls of the rocks like magnificent flowers.
Crinoids dance above the black and white sea-urchins and the deep red starfish break the monotony of the colour of the granite rock. There are a lot of opportunities for excursions: Mongiana, Serra San Bruno, Capo Colonna, Isola Capo Rizzuto, Reggio Calabria (where there are the famous Riaci Bronzes), Tropea. Forthermore, it is possible to visit the Aeolian Islands by boat and others localities of Sicilia (Taormina, Cefal and Etna).

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