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Santa Maria di Tridetti - Declared as National monument, it belongs to eleventh century. The frontside looked at the mountain (denominated by the Count Ruggero). On its foundation there were many hypothesis.
A legend says that times ago there was a temple on the same area. Built by Locresi Epizephiri between the fifth and the sixth centuries B. C., to thank Neptune god to have rescue them form a storm. According to the legend, his statue was covered with a precious cloak with gems, later on stolen from Hannibal, during his staying along the calabrian jonic coast, to punish the Locresi, allied with the Romans. To support the hypothesi of an existing temple in honor of Neptune god there was the found, near the actual church, of a coin with the imagine of Neptune with the trident and the greek legend Pose - Jeno that means "How I rescue you ".
Being sure of the existing temple, the Basilians owned it between the VII and the VIII centuries, making it becoming a greek church in honor of Madonna of the trident, became after Tridetti. According to another etymological interpretation, instead, the word could come from the latin tridactilon (three fingers) to indicate the Child blessing in the Virgin arms.

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