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Roccella Jonica a well known small town a summer resort centre with a medieval part on a hill and a modern one by the sea. Tourism is favoured by the many hotels and facilitles; but its economy is also based an the production of olive-all and fishing activity.
Its origin dates the times of the Magna Grecia Colonies. Its original name was Amphysia, mentioned by Ovidio in his "Metamorfosi". In about 1000 it took the name of Rupella, which was later changed into Arcella, meaning "piccola rocca" (small fortress). In its present dialect traces of the greek language can still be found.
In general Roccella Jonica history followed the events of Locri, the powerful republican "Polis" wich dominated from Capo Zeffirio to the present Allaro. In the end, at the time of Roman expansion towards the south of the peninsula, Roccella Jonica as well as Locri were joined to the Roman empire.

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