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Armenian Castle - Situated at 139,00 meters above the sea level, on top of Armenia Rock, in Bruzzano Vecchio. It is now a ruin, it was built between the end of tenth and the beginning of eleventh centuries. In 925 it became the headquarters of the Saracens. Later on, it was feud of John of Brayda from 1270 to 1305, then it was owned by the Marquis of Busca from 1305 to 1328, the Marquis Ruffo from 1328 to 1597, the Staiti in 1597 and Carafa of Roccella until 1806. It was destroyed by an earthquake in 1783 and reduced to a ruin by other earthquakes in 1905 and in 1908.
Several alterations, addictions and stratifications were made in the periods that succeeded from the Middle Ages until the beginning of 1800.

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