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Cassano allo Ionio is an important centre in the Province of Cosenza from which ut is at 70 Km away. Cassano allo Ionio is a modern town which developed with the return of the emigrants. Its climate is very pleasant, being near the Pollino and the Ionian Sea. Cassano allo Ionio has been a famous centre since ancient times for its sulphurous water-springs. The Cassano Baths or Sibarite Baths are especially good for respiratory ailments and rhinogenous deafness, as well as other disturbances. It seems as Cassano allo Ionio was the ancient town of Cosa founded by the Enotri five centuries before the distruction of Troia. In the course of its history it suffered the influence of the Sibari. The Sibariti were, in fact, the builders of the first thermal establishments.
Its historical centre is very characteristic, full of churches, palaces and fountains. To see the Cathedral, rebuilted in 1795, but there are traces of earlier constructions and a bell tower from 1608. Inside 15th and 16th century frescoes, fine marble, a 16th century painting of the Neapolitan school, and 18th century paintings. The medieval crypt has Byzantine style frescoes and a wooden 15th century Crucifix. Specialities: pecorino, caciocavallo, butirri and ricotta cheeses; Pollino wine.

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