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If the scarce presence of urban settlement has permitted the preservation of an ancient ecological equilibrium, on the opposite the path that allow to know the Aspromontano territory: the path of the Brigand collegating Gambarie at Stilo, the path of the Englishman from the Anglosaxon landscaper Eduard Leer who in 1847 walked the travel of the Aspromonte, the Italia path promoted by the CLub Alpino Italiano that collegctes to the long excursionist path that crosses Italy from Sardinia to the Alps.
Gois through these paths, passing from the Sanctucry of Polsi to the valley of the Monuments zeherepom a thick forest enormous und monumental rocky blocks rise pom which the Capa Stone high over the 100 meters, landscapes and sceneries continously change alternating forests, deuters und rocks in a succession of strident contrasts so various and fascinating to touch on the strangeness.

Parco Nazionale dell'Aspromonte is situated in the southern part of the Apennine chain in Calabria. This strip of granitic-crystalline origin resembles a giant pyramid. The area is near the sea and reaches 2000 meters of height with its many mountain peaks and plateaus of marine sedimentary origins. The Park territory, deeply marked by a number of watercourses, is also characterized by numerous species such as the wolf, the peregrine, the eagle owl, and the goshawk, and by wide forests of beech tree, silver fir, black pine, holm oak, chestnut tree, and Mediterranean maquis. A couple of rare species live here: the Bonelli's eagle and tropical fern Woodwardia radicans. Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Park is enriched by considerable historical, artistic, and archaeological aspects, evidences of the archaic, classical, Greek, medieval, and modern culture.
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